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Sonic: Corrupted Crisis


It was a never-ending nightmare, grasping itself around bodies, and causing traumatic fear to everyone it encountered...

It was a contagious virus. You just wanted it to end your dear lifespan before it even affected your immune system, after witnessing it contaminating a previous victim, that’s all that raced your mind.

Those trembling scream as an innocent soul is devoured by a Heartless version of oneself. Gone with in an instant, they felt light would never shine on them nevermore. A different form goes into control for you, and moves on to another prey. They’ll ask you for trust, and then go in for the kill when they see you’re actually a gullible piece of crap lingering on the Earth. That’s their cycle, if you want to call it that way…

What can you do? All that Agony!! Crushing you until your veins explode and bones crack from the gripping pressure. Those terrifying scenes and blood cascading from defeated friends.

You’re hallucinating, going mad!

Just scream it out! Scream until your voice is dead from losing oxygen. Heartless is going to kill you, scatter your ashes to the depts. of the Anti-World, that obscure place that feels just like Hell.

Because it is…

But wait a moment…
Where did this even begin? There must be a trigger that causes it all to occur. Your bloody eyes catch something moving in the midst of all this horror. It’s in front of you, staring into your soul.

She smiles wickedly, like one of those dolls you notice in glass cases; the ones that are actually dark, waiting to come to life. She laughs at your stupidity, all sounding like a broken vinyl record.

Oh woe the pain inside you. It’s like a bottle of acid repeatedly poured on your skin.

That’s her smile, acid.

Suddenly you notice some sort of instrument in the palm of the malice she-devil’s hand. It’s shaped into something that looked like a tool of some sort, weird markings leaking to the left side of the object. On the tip of it laid blood, obviously from her prey.
Unfortunately before you can even begin to think, you’re too late to see the rest…
The last breath of yours is taken away.

So... A fresh new start should open up with a Prologue. :iconwoohooplz:
With any story, this prologue should give you an idea of how the story might roll out. You might as well know, this is a horror fan fiction. It was based off of ideas and thoughts! :nod:

For those of you have read the other 'previous' version, some of the chapters have all the same, except they include with some more details than what you've read. I thought it's best to know that so you wouldn't be so bewildered.

Anywho on with the Chapters!
Chapter One: [link]

Sonic and Co.© :iconsegalogoplz:
Demonia, Singly, and Mekion© Lonely-Demonia
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January 19, 2013
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